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Wally Amos built & lost one of the most popular brands in history…

Famous Amos Cookies

Today, at 81, he’s launching his final cookie company in hopes of reclaiming the throne to the cookie kingdom.

The Great Cookie Comeback documentary reveals all! April, 2018.

Produced by Emmy Award-winning Content Media Group.

The Wally Amos Story

Famous Amos Cookies are known all over the world. However, many don’t know the company was founded in 1975 by Famous Wally Amos–a charismatic pitchman and media darling who established himself as one of America’s first ‘food personalities’. The first-ever African-American William Morris agent, Wally would bake cookies for clients as gifts. The cookies became so popular, he was eventually bankrolled by a list of notable celebrities to launch Famous Amos Cookies.

The product and the man gained a level of celebrity on par with Orville Redenbacher & Colonel Sanders–launching the first brick-and-mortar retail store dedicated to cookies. Located in Los Angeles, the stores were a popular Hollywood hot spot. Wally quickly became an international household name and pop culture phenomenon. Then he abruptly vanished from the public eye.

The disappearance was the result of classic misfortune. Due to a string of admittedly ill-advised business moves and tragic turns of events, he eventually lost all stake in the still popular cookie brand. Today, he relies on social security and the kindness of friends.

Our documentary, The Great Cookie Comeback: Re-baking Wally Amos chronicles these events in colorful detail and offers a window into the current life of the 81 year-old Wally Amos. From his home base in Waikiki, our cameras roll on the eternal entrepreneur as he struggles to launch what he calls his ‘final attempt’ for sweet success in the cookie world…while confronting homelessness and a recent fifth divorce.

Over the last 20 years, he’s started too many cookie companies to count. However, it’s not easy starting over–especially considering all the hurdles. The most daunting is Wally’s inability (per his signed agreement with the current owners of the Famous Amos brand) to use his own legal name and likeness to promote competing baked goods. But this time, he believes he’s finally figured it out.

This feature-length documentary will spotlight the second-coming of Wally Amos–the ‘Amos’ behind Famous Amos Cookies–one of the most popular brands in modern history. At 81, he’s attempting to make the same cookie famous again. Can he pull it off?

Wally Amos-Famous Amos Store
The Team

The Great Cookie Comeback is produced by Los Angeles-based production company, Content Media Group.

Release date: March 2018
Jeff MacIntyre
Jeff MacIntyreProducer/Director
Emmy Award winning producer of broadcast content and documentaries. Owner of Los Angeles-based production company, Content Media Group.
Jay Smith
Jay SmithProducer/Director
Writer/director/videographer with extensive credits in New Media. Graduate of UCLA’s MFA Theater, Film & TV Program.

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